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Cedar Street, an alley in San Francisco, where we recorded a scene from the play. Maria Gilardin rehearsed the pigeons to go and come appropriately. On the street (right to left) sound designer, James McKee, actors Cathleen Kramer (soliciting sex) and Will Marchetti, passing it up.



by Walter Adler

Directed by: Erik Bauersfeld
Sound Design & Recording by: James McKee

CAST: Susan Brecht, Dave Christopher, Jim Deam, Ken Grantham, Rick Hamilton, Kenna Hunt, Shirley Jac-Wagner, Cathleen Kramer, Kathleen Lawton, Will Marchetti. Ed Markman, Billy Ocean, Fredi Olster, Jack Shearer, Sidney Walker

Science fiction about a time when actors will play the parts of social and political administrators, leaving the inner-workings of government to proceed independent of public scrutiny. But what might happen if the play
becomes the thing? This radio-scopic experiment gives us daily advice and reports on how to stay alive and happy. The original production won the prestigious German War Blind Prize in 1976.

Length: 60:00


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