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David Meltzer (born February 17, 1937) is an American poet and musician of the Beat Generation and San Francisco Renaissance. Kenneth Rexroth: “It is a poetry of song, of the spoken word. He is a contemporary Kabbalist whose shtetl is the world village on the brink of extermination. For Meltzer the word is power, the power of the creative mystery.”

FIVE WRITERS (with sound)

The writers were teamed with sound designers to produce this series of sound and spoken pieces. Upton performs his poetry using a sound style of his own which he calls Gloximallia.

Draw The Circle by: Charles Upton
Blue Rags by: David Meltzer
The Circular Gates & Idem by: Michel Palmer
Mayan Survival Techniques by: Jack Shoemaker
The Last Days of California Red by: Ishmael Reed

Produced by: Erik Bauersfeld

Length: 30:00 (each program)

Listen: Earshot

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