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In 1896 Edvard Munch drew the image, above, of a girl, like Gertrude, who lives in the belief that her story is told and is heard.


by Wolfgang Schiffer & Charles Durr

Directed by: Oscar Eustis
Co-directed by: Wolfgang Schiffer
Translation by: Robert Goss

Production Assistant: Karin Brocco
Music by: Maggi Payne

Produced by: Erik Bauersfeld

  Abigail Booraem

The original voice of Gertrude is heard from the German Production.

Other Voices:
  Drew Eshelman
    Gus Johnson
    Laural Olstein
    David Parr
    Jenny Sterlin


Gertrude had been admitted to a half-way house for rehabilitation. Most doctors diagnosed her as an incurable schizophrenic. Listening to the radio was one of her ardent pastimes and she began a series of letters to WDR Köln where two producers, Wolfgang Schiffer and Charles Durr, took an interest in her and began to document her struggles to find a place in society. This attention brought a new meaning and encouragement to her life. Then when the program was completed, Gertrude was left, once again, to find her way alone.

“This original Hörspiel is an outstanding example of documentary used as a dramatic artistic form” (Klaus Schöning). The voice of Gertrude and the people in her life are heard and the actors carry on the story. The program is introduced with a discussion of how this was accomplished.


Length: 60:00

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