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Photo by IDuke
From recent obituary: Larry Haun, a union journey-man carpenter and author, grew up in a wood-frame house in Nebraska. He devoted his life to creating building structures that were small and warm.



by Jürgen Becker

Directed & Produced by: Erik Bauersfeld
Sound Design by: James McKee at Earwax Productions
Additional Music by: Ken Heller
Translated by: Robert Goss

Voices: Lucille Bliss, Wilma Bonet, Susan Brecht, Jane Charmichael, Dave Christopher, Robert Ernst, Ezana, Edwards, Mary Forcade, Leono Harris, Ed Ivory, Tom Luce, Joel Mullennix, Dennis Mathews, Fredi Olster, Pat Parker, Robert Parnel, Teresa Plikatis, Adelia Schuller, Malcom Smith, Don Stone, Harold Surratt, Shirley Jac-Wagner, Sydner Walker, Bruce Williams.

A play for voices: people talking about where and how they live, their privacy, complaints, house rules, accidents, tenants. maintenance, neighbors, guests, change, what a house is, what it isn’t, houses falling down, falling apart, leaving or never leaving… a house.

Length: 60:24


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