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Sigrid Wurschmidt performing Terry Jo
Fantasy Studios, CA


by Max Bense & Ludwig Harrig

Directed by: Klaus Schöning
Translated by: Robert Goss
Co-Production: BARD & WDR Cologne
Final Engineering at Fantasy Studios by: Danny Kopelson
Produced by: Klaus Schöning & Erik Bauersfeld


Terry Jo:
  Sigrid Wurschmidt
Bay area performers:
  Cyril Clayton
  Charles Dean
  Jerry Corneius
  Gus Johnson
  Christopher Grove
  Elizabeth Keller
    Steve LeGrand
  Pamela Marsh
  David Parr
  Morgan Upton


Based on an original French news story about an American family, murdered during a vacation cruse the Caribbean. The young daughter, Terry Jo, escaped on a raft and when rescued several days later spoke incessantly and incoherently about the traumatic experience. Voices taken from the testimony of the actual case was another central acoustical element, significant both for the theme of the drama and the acoustic artistry of the production. As Terry Jo becomes more clear in her memory and speech, the others become more contradictory and obscure.

In Klaus Schöning’s discussion, following the play, he indicates that this is an exceptional example of how a Hörspiel technique, unlike media journalism, presents an objective and unsensational account of horrific events in daily life. Silences, edited pauses, and restraint, are dramatic devices with some implication for survival in the contemporary world.


Length: 60:00

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