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Reinhard Lettau
10 September 1929 – 17 June 1996

Lettau sent us his play with the above inscribed drawing on the title page.Lettau never used his middle name, Adolf, if he could avoid it. He gave incendiary speeches at the Freie Universität Berlin denouncing the Springer Press and was thereupon expelled from West Germany because he was a foreigner—he carried an American passport and emigrated to the US in the middle of the 1950s, and was a professor of German Literature at the University of California, San Diego from 1967. He received the War Blind Prize for radio plays in 1979, the Berlin Literature Prize in 1993, and the Bremen Literature Prize in 1995. He took early retirement in 1991 because of health problems. In 1996 he traveled to Karlsruhe for the 90th birthday of his mother where she was hospitalized after a fall. Lettau died there of pneumonia, June 17, 1996.


Breakfast Conversations in Miami

by Reinhard Lettau

Reinhard Lettau translated his play from the original German

Directed by: R. G. Davis
Production Assistant: Maria Gilardin
Sound Editing by: Erik Bauersfeld

Narrator: Pamela Marsh
Chairman: H. Robert Haswell
Mimosa: Charles Dean
Professer: James Cranna
Rosa: Morgan Upton
Schenider: Gail Chugg
Torrijos: Don Sorter
Wessin: Bruce Mackey


In this political satire six former Latin American dictators meet in Miami and discuss their experiences as heads of state over breakfast at the airport hotel. Their interests shift: popularity, protection from kidnappers, dealing with opposition, avant garde, soap operas, sleeping late, and finding the “Path to Inside” via cosmic thoughts and deep breathing.

Length: 24:21


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