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Lawrence Ferlinghetti in front of his
City Lights Bookstore


Episode III: San Francisco

The series concludes with voices and images of San Francisco: Saint Francis, the city’s icon of peace, seeks a plaza of his own, the benevolent Chinese Dragon rises from the cellars of City Lights to declare a New Year, a Mortuary band marches to celebrate the departed. A rejuvenated group of Seniors for Peace sing out on street corners their protests against war. A group of young poets, Youths Speak, liberate themselves from social conditioning by creating poetry. A phone-in voice reports new vigor and a new beginning each day by breathing in clean air at ocean beach. Ferlinghetti reminds us that there is a consciousness at stake, biding all to “heed my whisperings” and to rise from sleep and see through the fog.

Directed by: Erik Bauersfeld
Recorded and Mixed by: James McKee
Production Assistant: Maria Gilardin
Creative Consultants: Irene Oppenheim and Nancy Peters

Length: 59:00



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