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The Goethe Institut Big Ponder podcast is a transatlantic podcast that explores broad topics of conversion capturing listeners from a U.S and German perspective. The Big Ponder strengthens the transatlantic network of journalists and podcasters through regular collaborations with radio stations and partners on both sides. Each episode takes a deep dive into German American life that often goes unexplored, inviting the listeners to reflect from a new viewpoint.

This episode explores how sounds have influenced experts more prominently from a young age. Jim spent time interviewing industry professionals who are sound artists working in radio, theatre, film, and beyond, about their first memories of sound. He then incorporated a soundscape into the podcast to bring the sounds of the world to life. In this 30-minute podcast they discuss how hearing is the first sense for a baby to have at just 4 months, and how this can affect a baby’s development pre-birth, and had such a big role in these sound artists very lives.

In this episode Mckee collaborated with Martina Groß, a journalist from Berlin, who has been writing features about music, literature, female American lawyers, seniors and radio producers since 1997. They worked on this podcast for around 3 months, including sharing our first sound memories and experiences.