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Edgar Allen Poe

19 January 1809 – 7 October 1849

A Predicament

by Edgar Allen Poe


Signora Psyche Zenobia: Pat Franklyn
Pompey: Erik Bauersfeld

Technical Production by: John Whiting
Adapted and produced by: Erik Bauersfeld

Signora Psyche Zenobia visits the grand gothic cathedral in classic Edinburgh. She is accompanied by her poodle, Diana, and her dwarf Pompey. They climb to the top where the Signora views the city through an aperture that opens out between the hands of a gigantic clock… hands as long and sharp as swords. As she takes in the wonders, time ticks away and the hands and her head move appropriately.

A later production of A Predicament was produced by Erik Bauersfeld at radio station KQED-FM with the same cast and additional technical production by Clay Grillo, with assistance by Wayne Wagner. It can be heard in the series Tales From The Shadows.

Length: 29:27


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