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Mckee has been working with Hover Pictures, a creative agency and film production company in Oakland and New York. Hover works on creating commercials, short films, and sharing stories. They have worked with companies such as ‘We are the Drug Policy Alliance’, Bric, Achievement First, and Picinguaba. Working on this project with Jim was Nathaniel Garofalo and Ethan Goldwater. Garofalo is known for his work as a freelance editor and film maker editing narrative shorts and documentary-style commercials for smaller, community-based non-profits and nation-wide corporate content. Goldwater is a filmmaker and creative director with over a decade of experience creating immersive and cinematic films and content for leading brands and organizations.

They worked together on a series of short films for Ecosystem Investment Partners (EIP). EIP is a nationwide company that delivers ecological restoration solutions to benefit both the economy and the environment. In total they have restored 46,906 acres of wetlands, removed 4,522 tonnes of pollution and restored 221+ miles of streams.

Adam Davis and Stephanie Freed from EIP’s team came to the studio to record the voice over, and Mckee worked with Hover’s main producer Ethan Goldwater, and editor Nathaniel Garofalo to record and edit natural sound from EIP’s major mitigation sites.