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 Wired Magazine documents the audio branding and sonification of Facebooks Messenger ping. Working closley with Everett Katigbak, former Environmental Designer and Brand Hacker for Facebook, Earwax ventern, Jim McKee helped design and create a new alert ping for Facebook’s Messenger

As the article indicates, there was a lot of time and thought put into the design of this and many other UI sounds deveople for Facebook. Everett had charted out a matrix of ‘friendly’ and ‘utiliy’ to determine where the sweet spot for such a sound might be found. Additionally, he had capture a image of an actual audio waveform of someone saying ‘Facebook’. When I saw the letters F-A-C-E, I immediately saw a solution. On a musical chart, this would be an indication of a F major 7th chord. That’s what we went with.

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