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On October 31st– November 12th 2021, COP26 took place in Glasgow. It was the 26th Climate Change Conference, where around 30,000 delegates attended including several world leaders.

Many environmental issues were only coming to light in 1992 when the implementation of recycling, renewable energy, eco labelling and regulation of greenhouse gases were put into place. But since then, the deterioration of biodiversity and use of natural resources continued to increase by 40 percent between just 1992-2005. There has been a decrease of over 300 million hectares of forest since then in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean aside from the ongoing diminishing glaciers for sea-levels continue to threaten the well-being of approximated one sixth of the world’s population.

But COP26 could be a turning point for helping save planet earth. It has been concluded that all major airports in the UK will move towards Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). The world has also speedily phased out all damaging and dangerous chemicals.

It is also what we do as individuals that could add up to a bigger worldwide change. For over twenty years, James McKee has worked on countless projects promoting environmental awareness, sustainability, and reducing waste. Here are three great awareness companies and films that McKee has worked with to dive into for learning and advice on how to make changes for the planet.


For over twenty years Jim has worked with Underground. Underground work on raising awareness for environmental issues and help spread small actions individuals can implement into their lives which when put together, can create a big impact. Some companies that Underground has worked with are ‘Union of Concerned Scientists’, ‘50 states united for healthy air’ and ‘Earthjustice’. Recently James and Charlie have worked with ‘StopWaste’. StopWaste has been helping Alameda County’s businesses, residents and schools waste less and recycle more since 1976.


Once was water is a solutions-oriented documentary telling the story of the driest city in America in the middle of the Mojave Desert. The Mojave Desert covers southern Nevada, portions of western Arizona and south-eastern California. This ecoregion averages 38mm of annual rainfall but has gone many years of no measurable rainfall. Similar to Tales of the San Joaquin, the documentary aims to bring awareness to the water crisis in the Mojave Desert, with the hope it will raise questions about water crisis across the globe. Some of the many awards Once Was Water has been nominated for include American Conservation film festival 2021, and Green Fire Award Finalist 2019 for San Francisco Green Film Festival.


Racing to Zero is a fast-moving documentary presenting solutions to the global problem of waste. Three years ago, the mayor of San Francisco pledged to achieve zero waste by 2020. This film presents completely new ideas and solutions inspiring a race to zero waste.


The Forest Through the Trees is a 1996 film diving into the timber industry. The film finds two sided opinions from both committed timber workers and impassioned environmentalists as they fight over the future of Humboldt County, California. It was awarded Special Jury Award at the National Educational Film and Video Festival, CINE: Golden Eagle, and recieved the Gold Plaque at Chicago International Film Festival.