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Artist, filmmaker and educator Jeanne Finley premiered her latest experimental documentary Journey Beyond the Cosmodrome at Mill Valley Film Festival this October in San Rafeal and a special screening at BAMPFA. In collaboration with Lyazzat Khanim the filmakers follow nine 16 year-olds as they prepare to graduate from the Akkol orphanage in Kazakhstan. The young artists create stories of space travel and visions of the future from their home  near the Baikonur Cosmodrome, the world’s first and largest space launch facility. The work in a lush meditation of daily routines, the future, dreams, and the harsh reality of what life outside of the ophanage may offer. Original score composered and performed acapella by Kri Schlafer. The sound design and theatrical mix was done entirely in house at Earwax Productions. Additional sound effects and Foley by Vivan Vivas and Danihar Murzhanov. Up coming include Film Screening at Wexner Center for the Arts November 1st and 3rd.