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In 1995, the Toy Story Media Franchise began, produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The most recent film in the Franchise is Lightyear, a movie about Buzz Lightyear. Beyond Infinity, directed by Tony Kaplan, is a documentary following animators and writers and the process of creating Lightyear.

Margrit Eichler, the composer, started working on musical ideas back in December 2021. Earwax Productions then began working on this documentary in February 2022. Jim started the process by editing the audio in a stereo mix. Next, Emma spotted the foley before scouting props for the recording session. During the recording session, Jim worked as the sound engineer and Emma as the foley recordist. After Emma had edited the foley recordings, Jim continued to edit all sound, and added additional sound effects, before sending to Jeremiah Moore in April 2022 at MFD to do the final mix of the documentary.

After the film and documentary were released, Earwax Productions had a celebratory lunch with the Beyond Infinity team at Zoetrope!