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Mill Valley Film Festival world premiere of Racing to Zero, a documentary directed by Christopher Beaver. For two decades, San Francisco’s Department of the Environment has been working toward the goal of zero waste and now recycles, composts, and reuses a whopping 80 percent of its garbage-but the race to eradicate trash continues, and this rousing film exhorts us to join in. Follow along as the city’s food scraps are collected and transported to Sonoma County farms, where they are composted into the rich soil that grows the crops that feed us all. Find out how glass bottle recycling stays local and forms another closed-loop cycle by addressing garbage at its source. Enthusiastic zero-waste experts show how far we’ve come in wisely managing our resources, from medications and electronics to clothing and building materials. Even turning rubbish into art, these innovators zero in on new possibilities for greater sustainability. Jim McKee and Andrew Roth collected, edited and mixed along with editor Maureen Gosling, producer Diana Fuller, composers Dan Wool and Andy Murdock to help tell the story and urgent message.