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Under the watchful and creative eyes of Senior Associate Producer Christy Chamberlain and editor Elizabeth Winter, Monterey Bay Aquarium has beautifully crafted another short film that takes you behind the scenes and celebrates the staff, scientists and engineers that care for these aquatic creatures large and small. More stunning footage from inside the tanks, exotic jelly fish, food prep kitchen and hydro systems that circulate water in from the bay into this unforgettable experience. The program runs daily at 5 and 5:30 PM. Earwax helped to created this 7.1 mix exploring the underwater divers, shark feeding and otter action, above and below the water in their special habitat. Check them out from 7AM to 7PM daily on the Sea Otter Cam.

The aquarium goes beyond just entertaining the public with it’s ocean conservation, research, sea otter surrogate program and in establishing the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch®  program in 1999. The initiative works to transform the seafood market in ways to support ocean-friendly fishing and fish-farming operations. Earwax is proud to have work with the Aquarium and it’s affiliates for over twenty years, providing sound recording and mixes services for exhibits and film presentations.