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Charon crossing the river Styx

Six Tales

by Lord Dunsany

Six bizarre stories performed by: Erik Bauersfeld and Bernard Mayes

Technical Production by: John Whiting

1. Lobster Salad
It was the salad that caused the dream.  It was the tie-pin beside the bed that would save him from death.

2. The Workman
Futility: As he fell to his death the workman tried to scratch his name on the walls as he passed them.

3. The Dream of King Karna-Vootra
Life and death unremembered, until a smile from her ghost
Reached the king.

4. The Charm Against Thirst
The little blue charm removed thirst, but in the end man is always outwitted.

5. How the Enemy Came to Thlunrana
Laughter was the enemy that doomed the cathedral of wizardry.

6. Charon
One man finally came, alone. The ghost sat shivering on a lonely bench and the boat pushed off.

Length: 41:55


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