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                                                                        Carol S. Lashof

Playwright, librettist, and teacher. Her plays have been produced by the Magic Theatre of San Francisco, Palo Alto Theatre Works, the Short Plays Ensemble of San Francisco, and community theatres around the world from Barstow, California to Beijing, China. Her play, The Story, was selected and directed for this BARD production by Martin Esslin.


by Carol Lashof

And it came to pass that Eve gave birth to a son, Adam, the first human child ever to grace the earth. As he grew older he began to ask where he came from and how he happened to be born. Then Eve told him the story. But as he grew older, Adam does his best to keep anyone from believing it.

Eve: Deborah May
Adam (child) Thon Willis
Adam (the man) Paul Yeuell
Narrator: Hope Alexander-Willis

Directed by: Martin Esslin
Music by: Maggi Payne Composed & Performed
Technichal Production by: Danny Kopelson at Fantasy Studios

Produced by: Erik Bauersfeld

Length: 30:00

Listen: Earshot


Martin Esslin, was a former Head of BBC radio drama and author of many volumes on contemporary movements in European theatre and radio. He was most famous for his writings on the Theatre of the Absurd, and works by Brecht, Pinter, Genet and Beckett. Then he came to America, and San Francisco. (Click below for more reflections by Erik Bauersfeld and James B. Crabb)




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