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                                                    Drexel Jerome Lewis Bixby, (1923-1998)

Newtown High, Queens, NY, some years before WW2,  Jerry and I were members of the same High School writer’s club, reading our weekly stories to its members, and composing radio dramas to perform, late afternoons, in the dimly lighted Garretson Scribe’s meeting room.  After that a lifetime of fame for Jerry as a science fiction writer (see Google), volumes of short stories (It’s a Good Life) , Scripts for Star Trek, Twilight Zone, Films: Fantastic Voyage, The Man from Earth, and the still forthcoming, Requiem for Methuselah. It seems not as long ago as it was, that I found his San Bernardino phone number and called.  Old times reawakened and quick agreement for us to adapt one of his stories for radio.  The result was Trace. Jerry was already in poor health: “The old ticker” he explained.


by Jerome Bixby

In everything, good or bad, there must be a trace of its opposite. Even the Devil is compelled by an irresistible impulse to do a good deed one day out of the year. This is that day.

Man: Julian Lopez-Morillas
Host: Erik Bauersfeld

Production at Fantasy Studios by: John Rieger & Danny Kopelson
Directed by: Erik Bauersfeld

Length: 30:00

Listen: Earshot