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“A skateboarding priest turned plumber (Dustin York) fears a plague of moon fungus and other possibly paranoid perils as he navigates a San Francisco that’s part German Expressionist nightmare, part noir mystery, and all Residents-tial referencing. Shot in high-contrast black-and-white by cinematographer Frazer Bradshaw, this bizarro enterprise is dedicated to late cast member (and longtime vocal collaborator) Gerri Lawlor. —Dennis Harvey”

Chicago Underground Film Festival is the longest-running underground film festival in the world. It’s an internationally recognized program providing a venue for documentary, experimental, and avant-garde narrative film and video. This year, Triple Trouble, directed by Holmer Flynn, will premier on July 27.

The Residents are an American art collective best known for their avant-garde music and multimedia works. They have released over 60 albums, numerous music videos, and short films. The Residents had often considered restoring the hours of film and videotape footage they had shot and finally completing it.

Since 2021, Jim has been working on the sound design and 5:1 mix of this film. In September 2021, Emma then started recording and editing foley for the feature film, experimenting with kalimbas and prepared piano to add additional sound design to the film.

Triple Trouble had its California Premiere on October 15 2022, as part of the 45th Mill Valley Film Festival at The Roxie.

“Written & directed by Homer Flynn & The Residents. Produced by Starr Sutherland. Cinematography by Frazer Bradshaw. Edited by David Lawrence. Cast: Dustin York, Gerri Lawlor, Isabelle Ellingson, Mark Petrakis, Isabelle Barbier & Matt Heckman. USA. 2022. 84 mins.”