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Videographer Doug Hall is one of 15 artists involved in a major installation at San Francisco’s Fort Point that is open for 75th anniversary of Golden Gate Bridge that runs from May 25th til October 28th. Hall has been filming container ship traffic through the Golden Gate using twin video cameras mounted side by side on a tripod. This twenty-four foot wide panoramic video installation captures a visceral sense of what it’s like to be in, around and on top of the Golden Gate Bridge, including incredible footage right along side of some of the largest ships that pass through the gate. An generous donation from Dolby Laboratories and Meyer Sound help to equip the installation with and incredible sound system.

To read more about Chrysopylae at SFGATE, Big video at Fort Point’s ‘International Orange’

Composed by Jim McKee and Joan Jeanrenuad, Sound Design and Mix by Jeremiah Moore This 28 minute piece is a colloboration of music and sounds, conceived and created by all of the artists, realized and mixed at the actual space within Fort Point. To read more about the artists  Joan Jeanrenuad and  Jeremiah Moore