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“Video games can shape our lives. But sometimes, we shape them in return. This podcast episode takes a closer look at one of the video games featured in the exhibition Never Alone: Video Games and Other Interactive Design: Will Wright’s The Sims. Since its release in 2000, Wright’s game has captivated users worldwide, including Brooklyn-based content creator Amira Virgil.”

Emma was commissioned to compose the music for the podcast episode paired with the exhibition. Inspired by The Sims music through the decades of Sim 1 to 4, Emma scored orchestral-electronic game-inspired music.

The episode starts when Sims is played on a “Raggedy Dell Pc”. The music mirrors this era and is influenced by composers such as Jerry Martin and Soyo Oka. Later in the podcast, when Amira Virgil talks about Sims in the present day, the music was shaped by game composers such as Ilan Eshkeri and Koji Kondo.

To hear more about The Sims, Virgil’s work on the Melanin Pack, and the impact of video games on our reality, click on the SoundCloud audio below.