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Co-founder and owner Jim McKee was ask to participate in a three day workshop and lecture series exploring “Sound as Art” Included in this event was a brief talk “Enhancing Sound with Image” about cases in the field of cinema and image/sound installations where sound is primary and visual material secondary. Film examples were almost entirely California centric, more specifically from San Francisco including sound work by Walter Murch, Richard Beggs, Ben Burt and Randy Thom. Near the end of the talk, samples of extended image installtion work gave a launching point for discussion about the future of sound for image and cinema. 

Workshops for the YLE Finishing Broadcasting Corporations and gerneral public were also part of this event. Students recorded sounds from downtown Helsinki that were incorporated into a tweleve minute collage. See videos and learn more about IHME at http://www.ihmeproductions.fi/en.php.