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Prospect 4:Levee Stream” part of Prospect New Orleans. Houston arts Collective Otabenga Jones and the Kitchen Sisters team up for a day of close listening, unusual encounters , neighborhood revelation and food. Bayou Road was transformed early Sunday morning November 19th when you began to hear the voices of New Orleans celebrating the voices of this historic community. The Sonic Prayer Flag  Voices, stories and shards of sound and music from The Kitchen Sisters haunting and evocative New Orleans sound and storyscape was part of the live mix of the day. Speakers were spread out over a two block radius from the event, inviting people from the neighborhood to join in the festivities. Using WiFi speakers provided by SONOS, we were able to transmit our Sonic Prayer Flag from a laptop to most of the local shops and business up and down Bayou Road.

Earwax Productions has been creating sonic installations and providing sound design for theater, museums and theme parks for over thirty years. Jim is currently a visiting professor at San Francisco Art Institute where he will be teaching a Soundscapes 5.1 class in Spring of 2018.