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MONKEYmedia® celebrates 18 years of independent R&D innovation with the release of Walk-in Theater™ for iPad®. This surprising interactive media experience is the brainchild of a trio of Apple Advanced Technology Group alumni – moviemaker Rachel Strickland, sound designer Jim McKee, and interaction designer Eric Gould Bear.

After over five years of collaboration with filmmaker Rachel Strickland and her “Emptiness Can Hold Things” film project, we joined up with Eric Gould Bear to explore and realize part of our film experiment in the virual world. This App provides the audiet an experience of exploring a three dimensional stage with six screens, moving image and localized audio. As an installation prototyping tool, this allows us to move through the space and determine image size, speaker placement and mix sound levels. We are currently working on the next module and will begin to explore surround image and sound that will extend beyond the current stage. 

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